World Water Forum



World Water Forum 2012 in Marseille, France (March 12-17, 2012)


Overview of speakers and their presentations during the PIANC Side Event:


Presentation by Geoffroy Caude

President of PIANC

‘PIANC at the 6th World Water Forum’


Presentation by Jo-Ellen Darcy

First Delegate of PIANC USA

‘Sustainable Inland Navigation in the U.S.’


Presentation by Jean-Louis Mathurin

Director of Engineering Department CNR

‘Inland Navigation Innovative Solutions from CNR Experience’


Presentation by Yutaka Sunohara

President of PIANC Japan

‘The History of TEIZAN Canal and its Contribution to Regional Restoration after Devastated Tsunami Disaster’


Overview of speakers and their presentations during the VNF Side Event:


Presentations by all speakers

VNF Side Event – March 13, 2012



World Water Forum 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey (March 16-22, 2009)


Overview of speakers and their presentations:

WWF panel.JPG













The World Water Forum IWT Panel, from left to right:

Yuji Okazaki, Thanatip Jantarapakde, Sobhanlal Bonnerjee, Robert A. Pietrowsky,

Eric Van den Eede, Ian White, Benjamin Ndala, Gernot Pauli,

Zaneta Ostojic-Barjaktarevic, Professor Ikeda



Presentation by Harald Köthe

Chairman, PIANC EnviCom

Inland Waterways – Procedures and Concepts to ensure Environmental Sustainability’


Presentation by the Zaneta Ostojic-Barjaktarevic

Director, Plovput, Serbian National Navigation Authority 

How the Danube within Serbia is being integrated into a Major Sustainable Waterway and to deal with Issues of Reconciliation following the Balkans Conflict


Presentation by Mr. Thanatip Jantarapakde

Chief of IMO Affairs Section, International Affairs Division, Marine Department, Ministry of Transport of Thailand, on behalf of Mekong River

‘How MRC is helping to develop the Mekong waterways in a sustainable manner with minimum infrastructure development


Presentation by Benjamin Ndala

General Secretary CICOS the International Commission for the Congo

Water Transport in the Congo River Basin


Presentation by Gernot Pauli

Chief Engineer, Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine

‘The Rhine Commission, to examine Lessons Learnt over its History and

how IWT promotes Economical Development and supports Sustainability


Presentation by Robert A. Pietrowsky

Director, Institute for Water Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers             

‘Inland Waterways: A Key Part of the U.S. Freight Transportation System’      


Presentation by Sobhanlal Bonnerjee

Honorary Secretary -General, Centre for Built Environment, Kolkata

‘The Ganges - the spine of multifunctional waterways for a rejuvenated Kolkata


Presentation by Professor Ikeda

Yokohama National University

‘Report of discussions on IWT at the first Asia Pacific Water Summit in December 2007