PIANC-SMART Rivers Conferences


8th International PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference

September 18-21, 2017

Pittsburgh, USA


Download the oral presentations:




7th International PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference

7-11 September 2015

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Visit the website at http://www.pianc.org.ar/.



6th International PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference

23-27 September 2013

Liège, Belgium/Maastricht, The Netherlands


Download the proceedings here. 


Click here to see the pictures of the successful PIANC-SMART Rivers Conference 2013.



5th International SMART Rivers Conference

13-16 September 2011

New Orleans, USA


Download the flyer here or visit the website at www.smartrivers.org. 


Download the presentation on SMART Rivers 2011.



4th International SMART Rivers ´21 Conference
6-9 September 2009
Vienna, Austria

The website http://www.smartrivers.org is now available.

Download the brochure here.