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April 2017


In only a few weeks time we will meet ‘down under’ in the beautiful city of Cairns, Australia for yet another edition of the PIANC Annual General Assembly (AGA). Moreover, the PIANC YPs will hold their 6th Biennial Technical Visit both in Sydney and in Cairns and the AGA. All information on these events can be found at


The organisers of the Australian Section have prepared an interesting programme, both for the participants and for the accompanying persons. We hope to meet many of you in the beautiful city of Cairns!


The AGA will be followed by the Coasts & Ports Conference, co-organised by PIANC Australia.


The PIANC Yearbook 2016 is almost ready for publication and, as usual, a reduced hard copy version will be sent to all PIANC members before the AGA 2017 in Cairns in June. The full (electronic) version will be available for free on the PIANC website at


Besides the usual contributions from our National Sections, Qualifying Members, Platinum Partners, the three winning articles from the PIANC De Paepe-Willems Award 2016 and an overview of 2016 by PIANC HQ, the Australian Section, host country of this year’s AGA, has provided us with eight interesting technical articles. Enjoy reading this year’s edition of the PIANC Yearbook!







News from InCom


·         PIANC Workshop on November 6, 2017 on PIANC WG 154 on ‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’ – Save the Date!

·         Setting Up a PIANC-ECLAC joint Working Group (WG 201) on the ‘Development of a Proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America’


News from RecCom


·         69th PIANC RecCom Meeting in Civitavecchia (Italy) on April 7-8, 2017

·         Two New RecCom WG Reports in the Pipeline

·         New PIANC-ICOMIA Joint Working Group 202 – ‘Influence of Recreational Navigation Infrastructures (RNI) on Waterfront Projects’

·         Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award (MEDA) 2018

·         Next Marina Designer Training Programme (MDTP) Course in Ansan City, South Korea

·         Young Professionals Involved in PIANC Working Groups

·         Find RecCom on the Social Networks


News from YP-Com


·         Technical Conference at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

·         YP United States

·         6th Biennial Technical Visit (BTV) – Registration Closing Soon!


News from the PIANC Community


·         New Secretary for PIANC Italy

·         PIANC De Paepe-Willems Award 2018 – Call for Abstracts

·         Navigating a Changing Climate Conference – March 27-28, 2017

·         PIANC-SMART Rivers 2017 – Registration Is Now Open!

·         One-Day Seminar on ‘Ports & Industrial Corridors’ in New Delhi, India on April 7, 2017

·         Download the Flyer of PIANC Colombia!

·         Throwback to August 2015…




·         Just Shipped

·         Publications Pipeline


On the Calendar


·         European Maritime Day 2017 – ‘The Future of our Seas’

·         International Seminar on Inland Waterways and Waterborne Transportation – Call for Papers




News from InCom


PIANC Workshop on November 6, 2017 on PIANC WG 154 on ‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’ – Save the Date!


On November 6, 2017, PIANC InCom will organise a workshop on its WG-report 154 on ‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’ in Brussels, Belgium. The report itself is almost ready and will be published at the end of June/beginning of July 2017.


The workshop will be in English and will focus on two parts:


1.     A.M.: Presentation of the PIANC InCom WG 154 report by the members of WG 154

2.     P.M.: Exchange of experiences (good and bad), with a specific focus on the failures which happened recently at few mitre gates, for instance at Lanaye, Ivoz-Ramet, Havré and Evergem (and a few others in France, the Netherlands, USA, etc.)


The objective is to exchange experiences and to learn from mistakes (lessons learnt). We would like to understand the cause(s) of failures/damages and the mechanism/phenomena that happened, which caused these gates to fail (being temporarily out of use).


Be sure to save the date in your agenda and to promote the event to everyone you might think could be interested!


Philippe Rigo

Chairman of PIANC InCom


Setting Up a PIANC-ECLAC joint Working Group (WG 201) on the ‘Development of a Proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America’


The Terms of Reference (ToR) of PIANC WG 201 on the ‘Development of a Proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America’ have recently been approved and the WG is currently looking for members to participate in this interesting WG.


In case you would like to participate in this WG, we kindly ask you to contact your National Section, or PIANC HQ/ECLAC (with copy to HQ), in case your country doesn’t have a National Section, before May 31, 2017.


Please be aware that most of the meetings will be organised in South America. The kick-off meeting should be organised during the PIANC-SMART Rivers 2017 Conference in Pittsburgh USA.


Philippe Rigo

Chairman of PIANC InCom



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News from RecCom


69th PIANC RecCom Meeting in Civitavecchia (Italy) on April 7-8, 2017


With a very good participation of RecCom members and the very appreciated presences of Mr Youngmin Oh, Secretary of PIANC Korea, Ms Caroline Lootens from PIANC Belgium and Mr Robert Nathan from PIANC USA as observers and invited guests, on last 7th of April the RecCom statutory meeting took place on April 7, 2017 at Forte Michelangelo and technical visits were held the next day, on April 8. The Italian Cost Guard kindly hosted and supported RecCom’s activities. The following gives a nice description of the event, written by Oscar Siches.


The Superyacht Marina on front of Forte Michelangelo, inside the commercial Port of Civitavecchia


RecCom Commission at Forte Michelangelo, Civitavecchia

“It was Friday and sunny, and the fishermen were chatting about the weekend soccer games with the harbour security guys. Something told the newcomer that Civitavecchia is not a standard port, that history is present in a tacit but overwhelming way. Wherever the visitor looks, the image brings the Etruscans, the Bizantines, Sarracens and the Pope armies and their further ruling of this mighty connection of Rome with the Mare Nostrum.






We proceeded through the Forte Michelangelo gate and we were led to the meeting at the Coastguard HQ library, where we were taken by that very special atmosphere, doing our work as result of expertise and studies, daring to plan the future while being surrounded by history. And like this, with the infinite weight of history upon us and being guided by two of the colleagues who have been involved with this harbour in the past (one professionally and one by birth), we became, by an emotional and intellectual osmosis, a tiny part of Civitavecchia modern history.


(Click on images to enlarge)

During the meeting, the RecCom members were informed about the new RecCom Chairman. Esteban Biondi, a 17-year veteran of Advanced Technology and Management (USA), combines engineering knowledge and experience with marina operational know-how. He will chair the next fall meeting closing the transition period. We all thank Elio Ciralli for his 12 years at the RecCom helm, characterised by strong leadership, exquisite behaviour and endless energy. He will be missed.


The Korean Delegate, Mr Lee Wook-Jae confirmed the Korean Section’s intention of organising the next Marina Designer Training Programme (MDTP) course. The course will be held in July, conditioned to a minimum amount of delegates meeting the inscription deadline. 10 foreign delegates and 10 Korean ones are necessary to make the event possible.


Ms Maccarini suggested to address the difference between yacht clubs and marinas. It was agreed that Mr Siches and Mr Perocchio would produce a first draft with the difference in order to distribute it among the RecCom members for comments and editing.


Another matter addressed was the type of accidents found in yacht harbours. A first draft based in contingency and emergency existing plans will be prepared.


On the subject of new innovations for marina construction, it was decided that only systems with more than two years on the field will be mentioned.


Bob Nathan (Moffat & Nichol USA) expressed his concern about the application of the new electrical code for marinas in the USA (NEC). Mr Siches shall prepare a draft with comments and possible implications of the measure in new and existing marinas.


As Kathleen Bernaert from Belgium is transferred to a different department, her place has been taken by Mr Timmermans, and Mr Siches will be representing RecCom at the two annual PTG CC meetings.


On Friday evening, we were treated to a dinner in a local restaurant, where spirits were high and chatting loud and entertaining.


On Saturday morning, we took a walk through the superyacht marina, the yacht harbour and the fishing harbour, commented by Fabiana Maccarini, RecCom member and born in Civitavecchia. Later on, a Coast Guard Patrol Boat took us for a quick view of the marina Riva di Traiano, and further to the charming marina of Santa Marinella, where the owner, Mr Antonio d’Amelio, received us with near diplomatic protocol and offered us a site view and a fantastic lunch. Civitavecchia will remain in our memories as a meeting not to be forgotten.”


Lunch in Santa Marinella

(Click on image to enlarge)


RecCom on board of the Italian Coast Guard boat CP 2104

RecCom n front of the Italian SAR used to save thousands (40,000 in 2016) of immigrants in Lampedusa Island

(Click on images to enlarge)


Two New RecCom WG Reports in the Pipeline


WG 149 – ‘Guidelines for Marina Design’ (Part IV) and WG 147 – ‘Guidelines for the Management of Recreational Navigation Activities within Fishing and Commercial Ports’ are ready to be published.


New PIANC-ICOMIA Joint Working Group 202 – ‘Influence of Recreational Navigation Infrastructures (RNI) on Waterfront Projects’


The new PIANC-ICOMIA joint working group 202 was launched on April 11, 2017. For the interesting and timely matter several organisations were invited to appoint their experts, among them the Global Marina Institute, the Waterfront Alliance and Rete – Association for the Collaboration between Ports and Cities.


Please spread the word within your network to permit experts of your country to join this Working Group.


Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award (MEDA) 2018


PIANC RecCom and ICOMIA IMG are thinking to create a specific new international event for recognising excellence in marina design. The global call for the MEDA 2018 will be out in a short time.


Next Marina Designer Training Programme (MDTP) Course in Ansan City, South Korea



With the support of PIANC Korea, a next MDTP course is planned to be held in Ansan City, South Korea, tentatively in next July 2017.


The course, completely in English, will be a 3+1 typical one. The main disciplines about engineering, architecture, environment, management, etc., will be treated by international and Korean experts.


Attendees from countries of the Asiatic Region are upmost welcome. Please send an email with your appreciable intention in participating to the Director of the PIANC MDTP,, as well as to


Young Professionals Involved in PIANC Working Groups


PIANC RecCom is drafting a document with proposals to boost participation of Young Professionals in the PIANC expert Working Groups (WGs). Being part of a PIANC Working Group is a recognised and appreciated professional activity that should always be present in CV’s and resumes. Stay in touch with the launch of new PIANC WGs and do not hesitate to submit your candidature through your National Section of PIANC.


Find RecCom on the Social Networks


Here are the links to the social networks containing RecCom information and news:




MEDA on Facebook:


MDTP on Facebook:


Elio Ciralli, Simone Lanzalone, Oscar Siches

Communication & Editing Sub-Committee




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News from YP-Com


Technical Conference at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore


PIANC Singapore Q2 Event 2017 (Technical Conference at Nanyang Technological University

(Click on image to enlarge)

Huge congratulations are in order for Zi Qian Yang, Nahuel Bonfante, Jack Lee Vun Zac and the very strong PIANC YP-Group in Singapore for organising this technical conference, which was another successful event for the YP Singapore Section on Friday, April 7, 2017. Complete with entrance brochures as an introduction, the event was carried out by a number of excellent speakers and saw a strong turnout. All told, approximately 45 participants were in attendance, and 70 % of them were YPs. Rounding out the day’s activities, the event included a social/networking happy hour. Many thanks to Zi Qian and others from YP Singapore for organising this event. Worth mentioning is the fact that Malaysia was also represented at this event (thanks to Jack for flying in from Borneo to attend), which is timely considering it follows the presentation given by Nahuel Bonafante, a Supporter of the American Vice-Chair, at DHI Offices in Malaysia on February 17. February’s presentation in Malaysia, which made a clear impact, served to inspire new interest in a growing contingent to set up a YP-Section in Malaysia.    


This 2nd event of the year organised by PIANC Singapore was truly a breakthrough as it was the first time that PIANC Singapore organised a technical conference.


During the conference, ErHo Wah Hin from Surbana Jurong, Ms Vera Wong from DMC, Mr George Foulsham from DHI and Dr. Er. Jenn Wei from NUT each gave a presentation on their technical experiences and lessons learnt for past engineering projects. The range of topics presented included land reclamation in Singapore, sediment disposal and dredging calculation and methods as well as physical modelling of coastal structures. The audience were engaged throughout the presentations and many questions were posed from the floor. Time was also given for audiences to network and interact among each other between the academic institutions and the industry professionals.


Overall, the event was a success and the PIANC committee would like to thank the following sponsors: Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI, NTU), for hosting the conference, and DHI & DMC for the refreshments. The committee would also like to thank the audience for their active participation and colleagues for their continued support – we would not have been able to pull off this event without you.

PIANC Singapore Committees and Speakers (L-R: Mr Poh Khian Meng (SJ), Mr George Foulsham (DHI Speaker), Er. Ho Wah Hin (SJ Speaker), Dr. Er. Jenn Wei (NTU Speaker), Ms Vera Wong (DMC Speaker), Ms Ricia Lee (DMC), Mr Tommy Phun (Eng Hup), Mr Zi Qian Yang (DMC) and Mr James Lam (SJ))

(Click on image to enlarge)


Technical Conference

(Click on image to enlarge)


YP United States


Following last edition’s farewell to Jason Giovannettone, a good friend, colleague, US YP Delegate and Observer of EnviCom, the US Section of PIANC is now in the process of appointing a new YP Delegate. After receiving a particularly strong candidate pool, US Commissioners now have a difficult decision to make.


6th Biennial Technical Visit (BTV) – Registration Closing Soon!


The next BTV in June 2017 will be held in Australia. This event is aligned with the 22nd Australian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference and the 15th Australasian Port and Harbour Conference (co-hosted by PIANC) in Sydney and Cairns, Australia. The programme will ensure two days of site visits and one day of presentations.


The event will start on Friday June 16, 2017 in Sydney, Australia with technical visits around Sydney Harbour. During the weekend, the group will travel to Cairns, Queensland (near the Great Barrier Reef) where the rest of the event will be held. Various technical visits and presentations, as well as social networking events will be held in Cairns.  Importantly during this period, the PIANC AGA and ExCom meetings will be held and plans are underway to combine various social events.


Registration for this prestigious event closes on May 12, 2017 and is limited to 60 participants. For background information or to register, please visit


Thanks to PIANC Australia and Will Glamore for organising such a great programme!


Save the dates!


Pablo Arecco

Chairman of YP-Com


Andy Thomas

Co-Chairman of YP-Com


Inés Alvarez

Secretary YP-Com


Stay in the know. Connect with us on LinkedIn – PIANC Young Professionals




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News from the PIANC Community


New Secretary for PIANC Italy


The Italian National Section of PIANC has found a successor for Ms Laura Rubeo, who recently resigned as National Secretary. The new Secretary of PIANC Italy is Dr Alessandro Romano, a harbour and coastal engineer who is currently a Post Doctoral Resercher at ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome. Dr Romano obtained his PhD in 2013 with a thesis on landslide-generated tsunamis and he is currently involved in several coastal and maritime engineering national and international research projects, focusing on coastal structures design and performance and wave-structure interaction.


PIANC HQ welcomes Mr Romano to the PIANC family! For a complete overview of the National Sections of PIANC, please visit


PIANC De Paepe-Willems Award 2018 – Call for Abstracts


Please be advised that the deadline for sending in abstracts for the PIANC De Paepe-Willems Award (PIANC-DPWA) 2018 is August 31, 2017.


Full papers are expected at the latest by September 30, 2017.


Please note that no exception to the deadlines will be allowed.


The Award will be granted to those candidates who submit the most outstanding paper selected by the jury in the calendar year preceding the General Assembly at which the Award is granted.


In case of co-authorship, the Award will be granted to the principal author of the paper.


The Award consists of 3 prizes:


Number 1:

-          € 4,000

-          Free membership of PIANC for a three-year period

-          The winner will be invited to present his/her paper at the General Assembly. Free hotel accommodation for three nights will be provided, together with a payment of travel expenses in economy class to the General Assembly.

Number 2:

-          € 2,000

-          Free membership of PIANC for a one-year period.

Number 3:

-          € 1,000

-          Free membership of PIANC for a one-year period.

We would like to ask you to distribute this message among your Young Professionals. All abstracts/papers should be sent to PIANC HQ (


The PIANC-DPWA Rules & Criteria can be found at


Eng. Louis Van Schel

Secretary-General of PIANC


Navigating a Changing Climate Conference – March 27-28, 2017


The very successful ‘Navigating a Changing Climate’ Initiative’s conference, subtitled ‘Moving Towards Low Carbon and Resilient Waterborne Transport Infrastructure’, took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels on March 27-28, 2017. The Conference attracted a lot of participants from various parts of the world.


 Registration desk & exhibition


Inside the conference room

Inside the conference room

Presentation by Jan Brooke, focal point of the ‘Navigating a Changing Climate Initiative’

PIANC President Geoffroy Caude

PIANC EnviCom Chairman Todd Bridges

(Click on images to enlarge)


On March 29, 2017 some of the Conference participants joined the technical tour to the Port of Zeebrugge.


(Click on images to enlarge)


The conference report from this informative and thought-provoking event is now available. This conference report:


-          highlights the key messages from the conference

-          provides a summary of the presentations

-          includes links to speakers abstracts and bios; to their PowerPoint presentations; and to the video recordings

-          presents the outcomes of an ad hoc lunchtime discussion on energy sources and emissions from waterborne transport


The Navigating a Changing Climate conference document can be found at 


If you have any questions, either about the conference or the activities of the Navigating a Changing Climate initiative, please feel free to follow up directly with Mrs Jan Brooke, Focal Point of the Navigating a Changing Climate Initiative.


Jan Brooke

Focal Point, GCA ‘Navigating a Changing Climate initiative’


PIANC-SMART Rivers 2017 – Registration Is Now Open!


PIANC USA is happy to announce that registration for the 2017 PIANC-SMART Rivers conference is now open!


Participants can register at the following address:


Early bird registration will close on July 15.



The preliminary programme can be found at: More information on the short courses and registration can be found on the PIANC USA website. The PIANC USA website also provides information on booking hotel rooms, technical tours, international travel, exhibitor registration, and more. We are also still soliciting Cooperating Organisations, Sponsors and Exhibitors.


For information on any of these opportunities please feel free to contact Emily Vuxton, PIANC USA Deputy Secretary.


Emily Vuxton

PIANC USA Deputy Secretary


One-Day Seminar on ‘Ports & Industrial Corridors’ in New Delhi, India on April 7, 2017


On April 7, 2017, the Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) organised a one-day Seminar on ‘Ports & Industrial Corridors’, which was successfully held at IIC, New Delhi, India. Minister of State, Port & Highways, GOI, Mr Mansukh Mandaviya, graced the inauguration and delivered an inspiring speech. 


Although he prepared a presentation on PIANC, Mr A.R. Rao, Co-Chairman of PIANC CoCom, could unfortunately not attend the Seminar, so Mr S. Ghosh, Honorary Vice-President of PIANC, took over his job, followed by Mr Aswath, Secretary of PIANC India, who told the audience all about the Indian National Section and PIANC membership.


The theme presentations by governmental and private organisations, such as MOS, IPA, ILFS, TCE, DHI, MANTEC, SEMAC, AECOM, Int. Shipping & Logistics, were of high quality. 


(Click on image to enlarge)


Srikumar Ghosh

Honorary Vice-President of PIANC


Download the Flyer of PIANC Colombia!


PIANC Colombia recently published its very own PIANC Colombia flyer. Have a look at this flyer and see what you can do for your own National Section!


Throwback to August 2015…


In the PIANC e-newsletter ‘Sailing Ahead’ of August 2015 we got to know little Takara, son of Mr Kiyomizu, who was Secretary of PIANC WG 145 and member of the Japanese Section of PIANC. As he had just moved to Brussels as the successor of Mr Mori at Sumitomo Rubber Industries, LRD, Mr Kiyomizu and his wife and son paid a visit to PIANC HQ to come and say hello.


In March 2017, they paid us another visit, however this time to come and say goodbye, as the family in the meantime moved back to Japan. As you can see in the pictures, little Takara is still very keen in taking over Mr Van Schel’s position as PIANC Secretary-General! We wish Mr Kiyomizu and his family all the best in Japan!


Back in August 2015

And now!




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Just Shipped


The following publication was published in March 2017:


WG 156 (InCom):

‘E-Navigation for Inland Waterways 2017’


Publications Pipeline


The following publication will be published in May 2017:


PIANC Yearbook 2016


The following publications will be published in June/July 2017:


WG 149 – Part IV (RecCom):

‘Guidelines for Marina Design’


·         WG 154 (InCom): ‘Mitre Gate Design and Operation’



Save money by becoming a member of PIANC and download ALL PIANC publications FOR FREE on the Members Only password protected pages!!!




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On the Calendar


European Maritime Day 2017 – ‘The Future of our Seas’


Registration is now open for the European Maritime Day 2017 – ‘The Future of our Seas’. The conference will be held in Poole, UK on May 18-19, 2017.


The programme includes more than 30 stakeholder workshops and project pitches on the following themes: Innovation & Growth, People & Skills, Safety & Security, and Sustainability & Governance. It also features attractive plenary sessions, including inspirational keynotes, a leadership exchange, a practitioner's exchange on sea-basin strategies, as well as a project launch for the 2016 EMFF Blue Growth call.

Read more on programme, registration and practical information here.


International Seminar on Inland Waterways and Waterborne Transportation – Call for Papers


The Brazilian Society of Naval Engineering – SOBENA will hold the 10th International Seminar on Inland Waterways and Waterborne Transportation on September 12-14, 2017 in the city of Belém, in the state of Pará, Brazil. The main objective of the SOBENA Inland Waterways Seminar is to promote the dissemination of results from recent investigations and technological studies related to Inland Waterways and Waterborne Transportation. The improvement of safety and efficiency are also key aspects that are to be considered during the event.

The seminar, organised every two years, has the participation of designers, ship-owners, shipping companies, logistics companies, researchers, government agencies in the area of transport and development, Brazilian Navy, classification societies, universities, students and all those who are active in the continuous process that seeks the sustainability and development of inland waterway and waterborne transportation.

For more information about this Seminar, please visit If you wish to submit an abstract, please click here.




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