Working Groups – Rules & Regulations


Information about ongoing Working Groups is sorted by Commission and can be consulted by clicking the Commissions of interest in the Commissions menu.

Procedure of setting up a PIANC Working Group

Please click here to find the Guidelines for drafting Terms of Reference of a new Working Group. (version February 2011)


Please click here to find the Guidelines for Chairpersons of Working Groups. (version October 21, 2010)


·         Annex 1:Overview of PIANC Working Group Status Development

·         Annex 2: Manual for Setting up a WG Member Area







A Technical Commission identifies the need for a report on a matter of relevance for the Association and for the navigation community.



The Terms of Reference (ToR) for a Working Group (WG) dealing with this matter are approved by the relevant Technical Commission.

February or September of any year


The ToR are approved by the Executive Committee (from 2006, 3 meetings per year in February, May and October).

First meeting after step 2 at the earliest: T0


HQ mails the ToR to the National Sections and puts them on the website.

T0 + 1 month


The National Sections look for suitable candidates within their countries and provide HQ the co-ordinates of a member and (if possible) of a substitute and of a Young Professional as second member.

T0 + 3 months


HQ invites Sister Associations with which a MoU was signed to appoint (a) representative(s) for the WG.

T0 + 1 month


HQ forwards the names of the WG-members to the relevant Commission Chairperson.

T0 + 3 months


The Commission Chairperson appoints a Chairperson for the WG, selected from the proposals of the National Sections.

T0 + 4 months


Either the chairperson of the WG or the Secretary of the Commission, if no Chairperson nominated, invites the members for the first meeting, to be held preferably at HQ in Brussels, during which the working schedule and task assignments are agreed, in order to ensure the final draft to be ready within 24 months.

T0 + 6 months