Publications Pipeline


Publications Pipeline


The publications pipeline provides up-to-date information about the scheduled release dates of Technical Reports.

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Version March 3, 2016

EXPECTED PUBLICATIONS IN THE YEAR 2018 (as decided by ExCom in February 2018)

Last updated: 26 February 2018


New Numbered WGs


WG 125 InCom

RIS Guidelines – Update report 2011

WG 126 CoCom

Training in Ports and Waterways - Training database – Ongoing effort

WG 141 InCom

Design Guidelines for Inland Waterways

WG 145 MarCom

Berthing Velocities and Fender Design

WG 147 RecCom

Guidelines for Facilitating and Management among Recreational Infrastructure within Fishing and Recreational Ports

WG 148 RecCom

Environmental Impact Aspects of Recreational Navigation Infrastructures (Proposed new title: Recommendations for Environmentally Sustainable Recreational Navigation)

WG 149 RecCom

Guidelines for Marina Design (Parts III and V)

WG 157 EnviCom

Environmental Aspects of Dredging and Port and Waterway Construction around Coastal Plant Habitats

WG 159 MarCom

Renewals and Energy Efficiency for Maritime Ports

WG 161 MarCom

Interaction between Offshore Wind Farms and Maritime Navigation

WG 162 MarCom

Recommendations for Increased Durability and Service Life of Marine Concrete Infrastructure

WG 166 InCom

Inflatable Structures in Hydraulic Engineering

WG 168 RecCom

Single Point Yacht Mooring Design

WG 169 RecCom

Fire System Detection and Controls in Marinas

WG 174 Joint IAPH-EnviCom

Sustainability Reporting for Ports

WG 175 EnviCom

A Practical Guide to Environmental Risk Management for Navigation Infrastructure Projects

WG 176 EnviCom

A Guide for Applying Working with Nature to Navigation Infrastructure Projects

WG 178 EnviCom

Climate Change Adaptation for Maritime and Inland Port and Navigation Structure

WG 179 InCom

How to Deal with the New Ships in the CEMT ’92 Classification Towards a New CEMT (ITF)

WG 181 Task Force

Task Force on PIANC’s Resolution 2014

WG 182 Joint WG

Underwater Acoustic Imaging of Waterborne Transport Infrastructure

WG 183 RecCom

Innovative Products and Technologies in Marinas

WG 184 MarCom

Design Principles for Dry Bulk Marine Terminals (updated ToR February 2017)

WG 185 MarCom

Master Plans for the Development of Greenfield Ports

WG 186 MarCom

Mooring of Large Ships at Quays

WG 187 MarCom

Protection of Undersea Pipelines and Cables in Navigable Areas

WG 188 EnviCom PTG CC

Carbon Management for Port and Navigation Infrastructure

WG 189 InCom

Fatigue of Hydraulic Steel Structures – Design, Analysis, Assessment and Maintenance

WG 191 InCom

Composites for Hydraulic Structures

WG 192 InCom

Developments in Automation and Remote Operation of Locks and Bridges

WG 193 EnviCom PTG CC

Resilience of Maritime and Inland Waterborne Transport Systems


EXPECTED PUBLICATIONS IN THE YEAR 2019 (as decided by ExCom in February 2018)

Last updated: 26 February 2018


WG 164 MarCom

Upgrade of Port Berths by Increasing Dredged Depth

WG 167 MarCom

Design for Terminals in RoRo and RoPax Vessels

WG 170 EnviCom

Best Practices of How to Deal with Sea Turtles and Mammals in Marine Waterway and Port Construction Activities

WG 171 MarCom

Ship Handling Simulation Dedicated to Channel and Harbour Design


EXPECTED PUBLICATIONS IN THE YEAR 2020 (as decided by ExCom in February 2018)

Last updated: 26 February 2018


WG 128 InCom

Alternative Technical-Biological Bank Protection Methods for Inland Waterways

WG 153 MarCom

Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Oil & Gas Marine Terminals

WG 180 MarCom

Guidelines for Protecting Berthing Structures from Scour Caused by Ships (updated ToR June 2017)

WG 194 MarCom

A Framework for Early Contractor Involvement in Infrastructure Projects

WG 197 InCom

Small Hydropower Plants in Waterways

WG 198 InCom

Saltwater Intrusion Mitigation and Technologies for Inland Waterways

WG 199 InCom-MarCom

Hearth Monitoring for Port and Waterway Structures



Last updated: 21 February 2018


WG 190 InCom

Corrosion Protection of Lock Equipment

WG 195 EnviCom

An Introduction to Applying Ecosystem Services for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Projects

WG 200 MarCom

Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Marine Single Point Mooring (SPM) or Multi-Point Mooring (MPM) Facilities

WG 201 InCom

Development of a Proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America

WG 202 RecCom

Influence of Recreational Navigation Infrastructures (RNI) on Waterfront Projects

WG 203 InCom

Sustainable Inland Waterways – A Guide for Social and Environmental Awareness of IW Managers

WG 204 InCom Task Group

Cyber Security in Inland Navigation

WG 205 MarCom

Design and Construction of Breakwaters in Soft Seabeds

WG 206 InCom

Update of the Final Report of the International Commission for the Study of Locks

WG 207 InCom

Innovations in Ship Lift Navigation Concepts

WG 208 MarCom

Planning for Automation of Container Terminals