Mediterranean Days of Coastal and Port Engineering


PIANC Mediterranean Days in Marseille, France – 3rd Edition

May 22-24, 2013


PIANC Mediterranean Days in Spain – 2nd Edition

Infrastructure, Logistics and Sustainability’

May 23-25, 2012


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·         Presentation by Mr Jose Manuel Martínez Santamaría: ‘Techniques and Methodologies for the Assessment, Characterisation and Improvement of Port Fills’

·         Presentation by Mr Philippe Jacob: ‘Offshore Windfarms – Construction and Prospects on the Development in the Mediterranean Sea’



PIANC Mediterranean Days in Palermo, Italy – 1st Edition

‘Mediterranean Sea, port of the History, port of the World’

October 7-9, 2008




To enhance the development of a common technical culture in the area of the Mediterranean Sea in the field of coastal and port engineering, taking into account the necessity of elaborating new strategies to face properly the new challenges of the global market, without neglecting environmental and social issues, in the light of sustainable development.

Also, historical heritage and marine and coastal ecosystems assume a very significant value for Med Countries, so that a correct point of balance must be found with infrastructural needs.

A general increased awareness of common values and items of Med Countries can play a positive role in an integrated strategic approach in the above mentioned field.