PIANC Permanent Task Group on Climate Change (PTG CC)



·         Chairperson: Mr Todd Bridges (USA)

·         Countries represented include the USA, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK, Australia, Finland, South Africa, India, Spain, France, Norway, Brazil, Austria and Japan

·         Five Partner Organisations are represented

·         Currently seeking members from

·         See Member List for complete roster


Mission of the PTG CC:


·         To inform PIANC on how navigation may be affected by climate change.

·         To advise PIANC on where and how adaptation and mitigation actions need to be taken so that the necessary actions and investment can be performed in a proactive way.

·         To provide a common and basic platform for all PIANC commissions to build up their work plans regarding climate change.

·         To monitor maritime navigation mitigation activities undertaken by other organisations, to disseminate information and to contribute to ongoing work where appropriate.

·         To collate and co-ordinate currently disparate information, identifying gaps and contributing to further knowledge and guidance in the area of maritime climate change adaptation.


PTG CC Areas of Interest:


·         Inland Navigation Mitigation

·         Inland Navigation Adaptation

·         Maritime Navigation Mitigation

·         Maritime Navigation Adaptation


PTG CC Documents:


·         Task Group 3 ReportRevision is underway

·         Terms of ReferenceRevised version of May 18, 2015

·         Relevant Waterborne Transport Networks & Climate Change Initiatives

·         Initial Review of PIANC Commission Working Group Reports




·         Adaptation of Breakwaters with Sea Level Rise

·         Incorporation of Sea Level Change Scenarios into the North Atlantic Coast

·         Comprehensive Study Resilience of the Maritime and Inland Transportation System

·         Aligning Natural and Built Infrastructure for Houston Climate Resilience

·         Life Cycle Assessment Applied to Navigation


Important links:


·         Literature related to navigation mitigation/adaptation and climate change

·         Working with Nature (WwN)

·         EnviCom website

·         PTG CC Member Area

·         Other links


For more details about the PTG CC, please visit ‘About the PTG CC’.