PIANC Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award (MEDA)



Entry Criteria



In order to be considered for the Award, a facility must fulfill the eligibility criteria as follows:


    1. Provide berthing for recreational boaters.
    2. Have been constructed (or reconstructed) within the last 15 years.
    3. Have operated successfully for the last 2 years.
    4. Be accessible to the boating public.


Award Criteria



The eligible applications will be evaluated according to the following Award criteria:


1.             Functionality (maximum of 60 possible points)


    1. Ease of entrance and adequacy of channel dimensions.
    2. Effectiveness of protection against winds/waves/currents.
    3. Variety of berth sizes.
    4. Accessibility for disabled persons.
    5. Stability of pier/dock system.
    6. Convenience of boater utility services, including electrical, water, pump-out, etc.
    7. Convenience of boater restrooms and showers.
    8. Convenience of marine fuel.
    9. Convenience of boat haulout/launch system.
    10. Convenience of car parking.
    11. Availability of food service.
    12. Availability of yacht club facility.
    13. Availability of hull cleaning/repair facility.
    14. Availability of security and safety systems.


2.             Aesthetics (maximum of 20 possible points)


    1. Visual impact on natural setting.
    2. Quality of built surroundings, including piers/docks/buildings.
    3. Quality of landscaping.
    4. Quality of lighting.


3.             Environmental Sustainability (maximum of 20 possible points)


    1. Use of sustainable materials.
    2. Availability of environmental awareness program.
    3. Availability of waste recycling program.
    4. Availability of sewage pump-out facility.
    5. Use of alternative energy sources.
    6. Environmental restoration/mitigation accomplishments.
    7. Maintenance of water quality.


4.             Bonus Points (maximum of 10 possible points)


Describe any other valuable technical innovation that differentiates the project from other marinas, particularly if unusual design problems required innovative solution.



Application Submittal Requirements


The application shall include the following information about the facility:


a.    name and location of marina;

b.    name of owner;

c.    name of builder;

d.    name of designer;

e.    cost of project;

f.      date of construction or reconstruction;

g.    date of start of last continuous period of operation;

h.    brief description of the marina, facilities, and services;

i.      brief description of how the marina meets each of the evaluation criteria;

j.      picture(s) of the marina.



Applicants shall use the Submission Form for preparing application. Any drawings, graphics, photographs, or maps should clearly show the lay-out and design of the marina. An owner or designer may submit a maximum of two applications for consideration in any year. An application may be resubmitted no more than two times for consideration in subsequent years.


Applications are due in electronic form to the RecCom Secretary by September 30 of each year. 


Award Plaque


The Award consists of an artist-designed bronze medallion plaque engraved with the names of the project, the owner and the designer(s).



Award Procedure


The judging of eligibility and Award criteria is made by a committee of the Recreational Navigation Commission; the final Award decision is made by the Commission at its regular meeting in the spring of each year. The announcement of the Award is made by PIANC at its Annual General Assembly (AGA) in May each year. The Award will be presented to the winner at the AGA or a suitable occasion, to be determined by RecCom in deliberation with the winner.

The winner of the Award will be presented on the international PIANC website. The winner is entitled to publish the jury report for his own purposes.