PIANC Marina Excellence Design ‘Jack Nichol’ Award (MEDA)




The Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award was created in 2002 in memory of the late John M. ‘Jack’ Nichol, an Honorary Member of PIANC and well-known marina designer. The purpose of the Award is to recognise excellence in the design of modern recreational boating facilities around the world. Anyone may submit an application to be considered for the Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award. The Award consists of a bronze plaque suitable for display.

To be eligible for consideration a facility must:



The Recreational Navigation Commission of PIANC will evaluate the applications and make a decision based on the following criteria:



The Award will be made annually and announced at the Annual General Assembly of PIANC by the Chairperson of the Recreational Navigation Commission. In any given year, RecCom may elect to not grant the Award. Additionally, more than one Award may be granted in any given year. 


Applicants shall use the Submission Form and send to the RecCom Secretary in electronic format by 20 November 2017.


Click for Submittal Requirements and Award Criteria.

For more information on the Award criteria, submittal deadline or procedure, please contact:


RecCom@pianc.org or PIANC.RecCom@gmail.com